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Friday, 04 March 2011 13:29

The unresolved conflicts you experience and witness others experiencing are self-created.  Faulty mental focus is the basic culprit.  Mental focusing is always a matter of some degree of opening and closing, yes and no.  The conflicts you experience result from mismatching your psychic yes and no to my somatic presence and absence and your somatic presence and absence to my psychic yes and no.  To harmonize with your sense of me as the Universe you must train yourself to request help from me and then listen to me respectfully and gratefully before making decisions of outward consequence.  This is the attitude that helps to align you properly with the each and All of your experience.  Your consciousness in between has the perpetual task of harmonizing the each and All of your experience.  This tri-unity of your mind focusing on both All and some targeted aspect of All, is a model of yourself that you can use to identify and to optimize yourself in relation to the individual and the Universe.  These three experiential spheres interact joyfully as long as you, the one in the middle make ends meet and unmeet optimally.  How well you focus your attention on each and All is what determines the quality of your experience.  It is never too late to stop being a victim of your own mental faulty focusing.  There is no conflict in the extra-psychic world that can endure the resolution of intra-psychic conflict.  It is only by resolving the conflicts within that you can hope to solve them outside in a lasting way.  And the potential conflict or confluence within you is about your more or less conscious ego, your perception of your infinite, circumambient Universe and your finite attention-target-of-the-moment.  Meditate continuously on a vision of yourself as a tripartite monad whose median member is consciously making the choice that harmonizes the flow between the otherwise dissonant opposed members…

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