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Friday, 04 March 2011 13:28

You must learn how to distinguish between statements that are made to counter-balance erroneous extremes and statements that can be accepted as literally true.  For example, it is a serious ecological and economical error to believe that you can have anything you want.  Anyone who says that you can have anything you want is telling a lie.  However, lies are sometimes necessary to reach the truth because they balance out other lies in a way that result in the truth in between.  The truth is that you can have what you need and what you need is your share and your share is limited by what is needed by others for their share.  No collective human government alone can make it possible or impossible for you to have your share of the energy, information and material necessary for optimum existence.  You are the one that makes your existence optimal or not by the understanding and control you have of yourself in relation to me, the Universe primarily and to any aspect of me secondarily.  The vision that you must seek to understand and to demonstrate is one that makes a good fit of ability and need, supply and demand, environment and organism, the Universe and the individual.  In Yoes Yoga that vision of holistic fitness is called the Comforter and its basic ingredients are “Yea, yea; Nay, nay.”

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