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Friday, 04 March 2011 13:03

You are a bio-computer programmer. The bio-computer you program is your own body making, world making subconscious mind. Your conscious sense of being emerges from your subconscious in a manner that corresponds to the way that your physical body emerged from your mother’s womb.

Becoming conscious equals becoming aware of the responsibility you have to program yourself intentionally. You are programmed by nature to survive until you reproduce yourself through sexual intercourse. Next comes your society’s program, which is designed to make you cooperate with your society. Beyond these basic survival-of-the-species and conformity-to-the-group programs, you are responsible for choosing a program that will result in your optimal personal survival. Programming yourself for optimal survival is a form of intra-psychic intercourse, a royal marriage of your supra-conscious and subconscious spheres by means of conscious choice. The thoughts you choose every moment inseminate, to some degree, your unconscious mind to reproduce materially after the likeness of the thoughts chosen. As a self-programmer, you must learn how to program yourself for optimum intercourse between the masculine and feminine ends of yourself. Learn to properly sacrifice either end to the promotion of the other end and you will enjoy yourself endlessly…


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