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Friday, 04 March 2011 13:01

In order to keep from changing too much or too little, you need to change enough. In order to change enough, you need to understand how to control change. The changes you experience are controlled by the way you use your attention.  When you pay attention to something, you let it change you.

What you do with your attention determines who you are, what you feel and what you can do. Your on going need is to attach your attention to a target that is best for you in the here and now.  How do you know what is the best target for your attention? First you need a blue print, a self-righting vision of yourself wisely using affirmations and denials, yeses and noes. As a metaphysical ideal, the wise use of yeses and noes is The Comforter. It is a vision of you as an intercommunicating tri-event, an All-in-each pattern of joyful interaction.  As the Universe, I am the primary member of your tripartite self.  In the Yoes System, I am called Omega as distinct from alpha who is any focused upon particular of your tripartite self. Iota is the amphibious part of you in between the alpha and Omega extremes, similar to the way visible light is in between the infra and ultra ends of the electromagnetic spectrum. Iota is “the point of Golden Section” in between alpha and Omega. Iota is your intermediate self as an interface learning how to use yeses and noes to balance alpha and Omega optimally in the here and now.  Each moment is an opportunity to recognize yourself as iota being changed just enough by oscillating optimally between the extremes of too much and too little, too soon and too late…


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