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Friday, 04 March 2011 12:59

Letters From The Universe About The Wise Use Of Yes And No is about a certain kind of balance that the ancient Greeks called sophrosyne. The prevailing presupposition in these letters is that most humans are, more often than not, out of sophrosyne, their proper balance, until they learn how to find and keep it by conscious effort. Sophrosyne is a result of using yes wisely enough to avoid having too little of anything and of using no wisely enough to avoid having too much of anything. Sophrosyne would be enough for everyone everywhere all of the time. These letters are addressed to the individual human mind requesting from the Universe a way of optimally balancing too much and too little, too soon and too late, i.e. requesting a way to make the too much less enough, the too little more enough, the too soon late enough and the too late soon enough.


How much is enough as it relates to human health and happiness on the planet, Earth? Possibly the time has come for this question to be considered as the most important question a human mind can ask. Can enough be imagined? Can it be figured out by the rational mind, or the intuitive mind, or some combination of both minds? What are the signs and symbols of enough? Is it possible that the ancient Greeks knew more about human enoughness than we do? Is it possible that all of our modern problems are somehow related to our ignorance of and disrespect for the enough principle? How can the procedures of counter-balance and compromise be used to reach and retain the enough point? Is there a way to meditate that will promote the discovery and maintenance of enough? Is it possible to make too much of enough?


These letters are cognitive strategies for defining and dealing with the enough problem. They are part of a coherent, yoga like system of psycho-physical exercises, The Yoes System, taught in work shops in San Diego, CA…

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