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Written by Administrator   
Friday, 04 March 2011 14:02
  • I am Alpha and Omega uniquely synthesized as iota...
  • I am alpha and Omega harmonized by being sometimes more like alpha than Omega and sometimes being more like Omega than alpha and sometimes being equally like both alpha and Omega...
  • As iota, I am a perfect combination of alpha's attributes and Omega's attributes, sometimes more of one than the other, sometimes both equally...
  • As rainbows are made by a right relationship between observer (iota) and Sun rays (Omega) and rain drops (alpha), so, as iota, I make rainbow like relationships out of the alpha & Omega contraries of my human experience..
  • I am a magical combination of alpha's receptivity and Omega's potency...
  • The yin & yang of my experience correspond to alpha & Omega; the Tao of my experience corresponds to a proper balance of my yin and yang, alpha & Omega principles by means of iota's conscious choices, i.e., my ego's conscious choices...
  • I am heaven on earth when I am conscious of myself as alpha and Omega equilibriated optimally in the here & now...
  • Consciousness creates a better body and world when mind is master of matter instead of the servant of matter...
  • Omega is my master and alpha is my servant; alpha loves me as a result of loving Omega...
  • As iota, I am impregnated by the truth from Omega and in turn, impregnate alpha with that truth to get material evidence of that truth reflected in my everyday experience...

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